1970 Corvette Convertible 454  4 Speed           $27900.00
1970 Corvette Convertible 454 4 Speed $27900.00



Selling this 1970 Chevy Corvette Convertible out of a long term collection with a matching numbers 454 big block and 4-speed manual transmission! In it’s original color of Monza Red with black interior and black top. Classic muscle car that is only increasing in value and hard to find with the original motor and transmission, so this is the one to invest in! Since my purchase, I installed a brand new set of BF Goodrich Radial T/A’s, a new starter and a new Quadrajet carb! I have 50 detailed pictures below that are part of the description so you can know what you are buying. Here is as thorough a description that I can give you. I am not a Vette expert, so if there is something I can check for you to clarify, please let me know. I will do the best I can to help. Now remember this is a 49 year old, unrestored Corvette and of course, it’s not going to be like new. It does run and drive nice and strong with just a few things that need attention. With that said, here we go!

Exterior- It has been repainted in the past and is in very nice driver condition. The paint finish is very shiny as you can see and looks wonderful from 5 feet away, but you can see some tiny surface spiderweb cracks, very common on the older Vettes, here and there under the finish and there is a couple spots where the paint has flaked off. See the pictures below. I could not find any signs of previous collision repair, looks to me to be all original panels. I can see spots around the interior trim, etc. the original Monza Red and this repaint seems to be a slight shade more orange, but close enough to be the original color. But still looks very good for a daily driver as you can see below and in person. I think the convertible top may be the original one, I know all the weatherstripping is. The top’s not torn, but the plastic back window is badly fogged and is starting to pull away at a spot near the bottom. I have a brand new top still in the box! The chrome bumpers are in great condition! They still look really nice!

Engine/Transmission- The motor runs strong with a recent set of plugs/wires/points and new Quadrajet carb. Drives and shifts very well with a strong clutch, no synchro issues, tight brakes and is not overheating. Original block and heads, see the pictures below. I have a shot with the valve cover off to verify the numbers and you can see there is no oil sludge build up! Clean! May have been rebuilt in the past or the oil was always changed regularly. No engine knocks and no smoking out of the exhaust. Both heads have the same casting number and correct date code. The intake manifold is also original with a casting number of 3955287 and a date code D2870. The clutch feels great and seems to have a lot of life left. Matching numbers on the 4-speed trans also. See a picture of the stamping below. By the way, manual steering and brakes, but power can be added if you desired, all available aftermarket. The brakes are nice and tight and look to have been recently redone, just not by me.

Interior- Appears to be original from 1970. Seats are decent, not all torn up but are showing some wear. Some cracks on the doorpanel armrests, etc. and the carpets should be replaced or dyed. Again, you can see it all in the pictures below. Fuel gauge, temp gauge and oil pressure gauge appear to be working. I know the vacuum headlight lifts and windshield wipers are not working. Most likely a vacuum leak under the dash somewhere. The Corvette vacuum system as you know runs the wipers and headlight lifts and is a pretty detailed system. Complete hose kits are available aftermarket to simply replace all the lines with new ones. Also, the emergency brake does not engage.

Underside- All original from 1970 other than a replaced fuel tank and replaced brake cylinders. The frame is very solid and just has the expected surface rust/corrosion you would find on an original 49 year old car. Plenty of pics for you to see.

Anyway, be sure to look over the features, options and the pictures below. This will give you an excellent overview to help with your decision. Overall, a pretty solid car that would be worth a lot of money restored or if you are mechanically inclined, drive it around while fixing the little things and enjoy the way it is. PLEASE feel free to call me directly on my cell phone with any questions at all or to discuss a reasonable offer. You can reach me @ 239-940-4170. I want you to be completely comfortable with your transaction and enjoy the whole experience! And I do have a free and clear Florida title!!! The odometer is showing 11,251 miles, but of course with the age, it has to come with a mileage exempt title.

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